Safe Lifting, Height Safety & Load Control Systems

Our wide range of lifting, height safety and load control systems are sourced from SpanSet - a world specialist in designing and manufacturing of webbing-based products complying with BSEN 1492 Pt. 1 and 2, and is BS EN 9001 certified for its quality assurance.

Safe Lifting

Our webbing slings and round slings are made of 100% polyester material, complying strictly with BS EN 1492-1 standard. Tested to a safety factor of 7 and incorporated with optional reinforcement or coating for greater abrasion resistance and handling, these slings provide safe lifting solutions both on land and rough sea conditions.

Height Safety

A comprehensive range of webbing harness, lanyard and other equipment to provide personal safety for working at height, confined space, fall arrest and rescue measures. Not restricting to the conventional height safety solutions onshore, our range of height safety systems extends to the marine and offshore O&G applications, where added complications exist due to the isolation of the vessel or the cargo it carries.

Load Control

Our load control measures consist of a series of lashing systems with different combinations of webbing, ratchet and hook. We cater to the diverse application needs, from light to heavy duty usage, taking into account the load, carrying capacity of the load area and the different forces that occur from the various transportation modes.