Testing & Certification

Choice of proof test, hold test and tensile test on a variety of load bearing equipment, including full length testing of wire rope, are available. Performed on our Class 1 test bench that is conforming to the BS EN ISO 7500-1 standards and annually calibrated by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the test result gives 99% load cell accuracy. Our inspectors are trained in non-destructive testing (NDT) where materials can be assessed of its condition without putting it through strenuous tests that risk damaging it. Certificate with graphical illustration of the load and elongation characteristics of the test sample for clearer analysis is provided.

When specific certification requirements are necessary from class societies, TEHO, being capable of independent assembly and testing of wire ropes, is a qualified supplier to issue DNV GL’s Certificate of Test and Thorough Examination of Wire Ropes.

Other testing bodies (e.g. LRS, ABS, etc.) can be engaged to certify against equipment used on class certified vessels or to meet statutory requirements.

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