Wire Mooring Line

Selecting the right wire rope for mooring is important for optimum performance and safety. It is crucial for oversized vessels whose numbers are increasing

OCIMF strongly recommends the use of 6 × 36 class drawn galvanised wire rope with Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) as mooring lines. TEHO’s range of 6 × 36 class wire ropes strictly follows the EN10264-2:2002 standard for galvanisation, as well as the other OCIMF guidelines.

For wire rope maintenance, we use lubricants.

Recommended Wire Rope Constructions
Wire Mooring Line S1
End Terminations

Wire mooring line is often being fabricated with a 2 meter mechanically spliced soft eye on both ends.


In the mooring system, a connection is needed to join the wire mooring line to the synthetic tail. The connection should be appropriate for the size and working load of the mooring wire.

TEHO offers class certified Magellan® and Scanrope mooring link and shackle.