There are many different types of sockets: open and closed spelter sockets, open and closed swage sockets, wedge socket and Nemag rope pear socket. The various brands we offer include Nemag (The Netherlands) and SILVERLINE (Germany).

Sockets 1

A wedge socket termination reduces the wire rope efficiency to 80%, but the wedge socket remains a popular choice because it is easy to install and can be attached after the wire rope is reeved.

Spelter socket and Nemag rope pear socket are secured to the rope with Wirelock socketing agent, and the rope retains its full strength.

The Nemag rope pear socket when paired with the Nemag quick release link forms an unbreakable connection between two ropes. Together, they enable quick and straightforward coupling and uncoupling of grabs on cranes. Made from high grade austenitic manganese steel, these Nemag fittings generally outlast the wire rope.

Our sockets are made of high quality cast steel supplied in hot dipped galvanised finish and comply with EN10204 3.1/3.2, JIS F3432 or RR-S-550D, Type B standard.

The various brands we offer include SILVERLINE (Germany) and Nemag (The Netherlands).

Sockets 2